To make financial accounting, reporting, auditing, and analysis better for everyone.


To provide modern, elegant, easy to use, standards-based, smart, state-of-the-art software for accountants and other business professionals  which they enjoy using to perform their work processes and tasks.


SCI combines XBRL, knowledge graphs, logic engines, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other machine learning methodologies to deliver the value that we promise. Knowledge graphs and logic engines enable our expert system to produce provably correct financial reports. XBRL enables us to capture and store financial reports in seconds while NLP and other deep learning methodologies make it possible to get insights from the news and other economic data so we can determine the impact of these indicators to various financial accounts. By doing so, we can create a robust and reliable reports and forecasts in a matter of minutes.


The team has more than 15 years of experience in advanced intelligence operations, collection, and analysis, Finance, Human Resources, Strategy, auditing and business analysis.


Todd Flores

Founder, CEO

I served in the US Army as an Intelligence Officer conducting full-spectrum operations in Iraq – OIF and Afghanistan – OEF.  As a combat veteran, I quickly learned advanced methodologies to collect, analyze, and assess vast amounts of complicated data sets to create an intelligence picture to drive direct action missions targeting sources of instability in the region.

Often times these individual data sets were incomplete, thus when looked at as a single report it would not provide enough fidelity to reliably inform decisions and support action.  However, through optimizing intelligence collection operations, defining key information requirements, and connecting the dots, I learned  to fill in the blindspots and provide a recommendations for action with high levels of success, while enabling risk mitigation measures, and offering continuous reporting streams for decision makers. I was blessed to serve as an Intelligence Professional with conventional forces, special operations, and three letter agencies in our Nations Capital.

Michelle Rojo

Chief Technology Officer

I built my 10th MS Access database after graduating from my accounting degree and I thought that it will be as useless as the previous 9 – only to find out after two years that my professor was using it when he asked me to update one of the reports. Five years later, I co-authored the XBRL taxonomy of one of the Central Banks I worked for, despite reading only a paragraph about it in one of my textbooks. I built the Software License Navigator for a key Tech Executive in one of my clients despite not knowing about software licensing when I first joined the project.

Beyond these, the kind of achievement that I’m most proud of is the act of reaching the finish line despite of the unknown unknowns, sometimes with mild scratches, sometimes half-drowned, sometimes with no sleep but most of the time with hugs and ‘thank yous’. I did my best to outdo myself everyday just to deliver and exceed the goals I set for myself. For me, this kind of grit is the most amazing thing I built.